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Your Security

Shop safe is very important for everyone, we must make every effort to ensure that your personal information to remain safe and secure. When you start the order, you can be sure that every step of the way is safe.

We have compiled the following common problems that you might find useful directories. If you have any questions about security on our website, or have any questions, please contact our customer service.

How safe are you? - As long as you enter the order in the process, we are using strong encryption algorithms to encrypt the transmission between you and us. Your data is safe online shopping and traditional mail or phone shopping!

How do I know that the site is secure? - It 'easy to determine whether the connection is secure, in the browser, then you must look to small square block - that usually appears at the bottom right of the screen. Sometimes the lock does not appear, even if you're safe - double-check this, you can click the page, select "Properties", or from the list, it will tell you if you're safe or not "view frame of the information." Secure pages also see a sign, which can be identified by the URL (web address)

How does encryption work? - The data relating to credit card through GlobalSign SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption software. When you have a secure connection, the downloaded web site sends a digital certificate for your Web browser. When it comes certificate containing a public key, which functions as a one-way encryption device. The browser then the key to the network will break your personal information (credit card) before sending it. Public encryption key information is not in the absence of the corresponding private key, which is decoded by the manufacturers. Without this key exclusive, private, you can not read your personal information.

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